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  1. Add new function (Turn Finished) to combat prototype

    After being stuck few days, finally got this function work. Basic idea of this function is recode player's actions in same turn and replay them after turn finished. After clicked the button for finish the turn, player will be moved back to the original place which is the place before…

    videogame, combat, unity3d, rpg, wuxia

  2. Progress of prototyping for realtime-turn-based combat system

    This is the prototype I am currently working on. It's a real-time turn-based combat system.(Please Ignore the player and enemy's avatar, just too lazy to make one.....) The core idea of this prototype is player need to use different moves around different weapons, and which will challenge the player…

    videogame, prototype, combat, rpg, wuxia

  3. Heroes of Jin Yong

    Jin Yong is a famous Wuxia novel writer in China. And Heroes of Jin Yong is my favourite videogame for Wuxia theme. According to Wikipedia: Heroes of Jin Yong (金庸群俠傳), first published in 1996, is a tactical role-playing game based on the storyline and characters in Jin Yong's Wuxia novels,…

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