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  1. Playtest 16 June for VRDiscsWar

    Playtest in Colab studio~ Yesterday, 16 June, I submitted the latest VRDiscsWar as a part of my Play Paper. I setup this in AUT WG level 10 studio and invited people to playtest. After playtests, I found, in fact, it's not really as good as previous version. Some issues in…

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  2. June Game Meetup VRDiscsWar First Public Test

    Playtests for VRDiscsWar!! Last Wednesday we tested VRDiscsWar demo in PIGsty in AUT WG level 1. The feedbacks were very good, many people interested in our demo and came to try it. These photos were from the playtests video we recorded. There were several people came back to play for…

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  3. Added Catch and Attack Function in VRDiscsWar

    Added catch discs and throw back function in our prototype. Still a little bit hard to catch, also not very easy to throw back due to the kinect gesture recognition. Discs seems flying to fast when throw back.....…

    vr, vrdiscswar, videogame, prototype, mct