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  1. Android L is coming!

    Google tested Android L in Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco. Also, Google resealed developer preview image for Nexus 5/7, and I had a nexus 7 so why not check it out? The image download link can be found here. Insturction here. Seems it looks way more…

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  2. Ideas for portable Oculus with Chromecast

    Just came up with an idea for portable Oculus Rit with Chromecast because Ben mentioned he got an Chromecast available. The idea, in fact, came up long time ago, but just didn't have the right device to implement. Basically the idea is attach an Chromecast to Oculus Rift and both…

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  3. AR demo on Google Glass

    I've made Ben's AR prototype work on the Google Glass in today's Maker Night! Due to there's no launcher in Goolg Glass, we need to launch application in CLI using adb. 1.install the APK which is built for standard Android device. 2.find out the package name using fowlling…

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