Prototyping of Combat System

I've made a paper-based prototype for my combat system and I've tested it today in the studio.

The concept of this prototype comes from the traditional martial art fighting process.

The fighting was broken up to many turns, and each turn all players actions will happen in the same time.

Some rules here:
6HP and 1CHI at beginning, every turn get 1CHI and 6CHI max.
Every action include "No Action" need to be recode in playsheets, and if there are more then one action happened in same turn, they need to be marked together.(This is all for replay the actions after play, then we can see the player behaviour clearly and in order to better predict for next battle.)
Every one have 5 Moves cards randomly, and should keep them secret until have been used.
Each Attacking action will cost 1 CHI and hit for 1HP if the opponent is in its attacking area.
Player can take action of Block, and this will hit opponent back once player under attacking.
Player can move to eight directions and attack only can be applied in four directions.

Smithsonian Image

Feedbacks form the first run:
1. the system actually work, and one round took about 20 mins maybe.
2. the Moves cards were imbalance, some of them were too strong and player intends to use them all time.

The setup and playsheets after testplay with Phil:
Smithsonian Image

Smithsonian Image

Interesting points:
1. Keep talking something, intend to confuse opponen's predict.
2. Predict is the most interesting part of this system.
3. Can save CHIs in order to apply combo attacks.

Comments from Phil:
1. review system(Moves will keep secret but need to be show up after used.) is good.
2. maybe could add some moving card to improve the moving ability.
3. need more balance for each Moves card.
4. maybe could steal opponent's Moves which they used too much (can balance the moves a little bit)

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