Progress of prototyping for realtime-turn-based combat system

Smithsonian Image

This is the prototype I am currently working on. It's a real-time turn-based combat system.(Please Ignore the player and enemy's avatar, just too lazy to make one.....)

The core idea of this prototype is player need to use different moves around different weapons, and which will challenge the player to plan and predict both avoiding attacks and hitting their target.

The moves in this system will be designed in different attacking range which means player need to decide the direction of their moves to be applied. And also player can only move 1 grid each time.

This is for simulating the classic kongfu fighting situation, before you using any moves, need to think about enemy's possibly moves or movement. And also it always happened in turns, for each turn it happened in real-time.

Moving and attacking will cost 1 Chi, and player will only get 1 Chi pre turn. However, player can save Chi by skip current turn, and apply both moving and attacking in the following turn.

Currently this prototype has not finished yet, still need some time to develop.

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