Playtest 16 June for VRDiscsWar

Playtest in Colab studio~

Yesterday, 16 June, I submitted the latest VRDiscsWar as a part of my Play Paper.

I setup this in AUT WG level 10 studio and invited people to playtest.
After playtests, I found, in fact, it's not really as good as previous version.

Some issues in this version:
1. The room(in game) is too large, player is hard to notice their movements - player often move out of Kinect scan area and easy to lost their position.
2. Kinect need to optimize the hands tracking is not accurate as players expect, very easy to miss the discs which they think they can 100% caught.
3. Oculus eye height need adjust, also the Kinect joints mapping. The wrong eye height made players confused with their hands position, this made the catching extremely hard.
4. Game mechanic need fine-tune dodge + catch + throw is too complex for current game setting, need better level design.

Also I and Allan talked a lot final goal of this prototype, I set the goal as when the quality is good enough to public online allow people to download then we can say kinda of "complete".
But still need a lot of work before that.

Maybe I will make it as a simple dodge game like "dodge ball" in physical world, but in a fancy way.... make a bullets hell?
What will happen when player see a bullets hell in VR? Should be interesting...

vrdiskwar playtest1

vrdiskwar playtest1

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