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Last weekend, I had finally played Journey, an amazing videogame for PS3.

To be honest, I first time heard about this game was in the screening of the Documentary "Us and the Game Industry", back to last July. At that time I nearly totally no idea about what this game is. Of course I did not get much from the Documentary. After that, I want to check it out, but just could not find a PS3 available at that time, then I forgot about this for a long time.... Finally, last weekend, I got a PS3 with Journey in it, so I started my first "Journey".

The first thing which impressed me was the camera. It used joystick and gyroscope to control the camera moving, this made the camera moved smooth and nature. Most of the time I would not notice about the camera angle changed if I was keeping moving without looking around.

At first 2 chapters, due to my friend's PS3 needed a system update, and I was too lazy to quit the game and do so, I could not connect to the server, so I was playing in the single player mode at beginning. This made me always get lost in the game, because it did not have any instruction at all. Although I was easily getting lost, it was also very easy to get back to the right direction - it was so good at using symbols to tell people about their purpose.

At beginning of chapter 3, I updated the system and began to play online. This totally changed my game purpose - from finding direction to collaborating with another player. There was no communicating system in this game, so I could not chat with other players. The only thing I was able to do is running around and press the button for "explode". After played a while, I noticed that we actually invent a new sample language for collaborating, like if there was any "Spell" I missed, he/she will jump around me and moving toward to the "Spell" to make sure I will find and get it. This happened so nature, thus I did not notice it at all while I was playing.

The game is not long, only about two hours for my first go. But it made me feel totally different with other games. There is nearly no competition in this game, I do not need to consider how to beat people or monsters, the only thing I need to think about is how to collaborate with another player, how to keep running though the game. Also in this journey, I met several players which I thought they were same person at beginning.... Then I realise It was just randomly person. Sometime I met someone really good at "communicating", so maybe we can go keep going further with each other. But, sometimes I met some one not that good at collaborating, then we just left each other in some where soon. It's really like our life, people come and go in our life, if we can get along with each other well then we will keep going further, otherwise, we will separate soon.

After I finished the game, I can even imagine different purposes for next go - teach other players which I will meet online how to play and help them reach the end. It is actually interesting, and I think this also will keep me play though again and again.

Btw, a very good article for interviewing of Jenova Chen:

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