Ideas for portable Oculus with Chromecast

Just came up with an idea for portable Oculus Rit with Chromecast because Ben mentioned he got an Chromecast available.

The idea, in fact, came up long time ago, but just didn't have the right device to implement.

Basically the idea is attach an Chromecast to Oculus Rift and both can get power from a portable battery through USB.

Because of Chromecast have HDMI output, USB OTG which can receive sensor data from Oculus and Android OS which can hack easily, so we can totally make it wireless.

I have drawn an ugly diagram to show how it could be connected.

Smithsonian Image

Some issues we still need to deal with :
1. How to read Oculus sensors date from Android.
2. Need an OTG cable with power supply. 2. How to show the content, from PC using wireless display or from Chromecast directly?

Luckily I found some guys had already done something around first question:
Just need some time to check it out.

About the 2nd question, also have solution:

3rd question?
still need to check whether the performance of Chromecast is strong enough or not.

Other tools might be useful:
Android screen cast which can be used for remote control chromecast:

Root Guide for Chromecast:

Anyway, I will find a time and git it a try!

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