Get back to writing - new start for web dev

Haven't written anything for so long. Lot of things happened after I graduated from my Master research.
Always want to write something to record things happened, projects and so on. Finally,I tidied up the server and updated to latest Ghost (backend of this blog) to write some web/mobile development note and findings.
I'm using AngularJS and Ionic for few weeks now, and started a django backend project this week. I did lots of research and comparison between different framework and language for web dev, I felt like I should write the journey down.
I've chosen AnjularJS for frontend, Django for backend, and Ionic for Mobile dev. It's might be not the perfect combo and crossed two languages which I've hardly use before (known for a long time but only tried few script with python), but I think that's a good start for me.
It's not easy to learn new skills when have full-time job which is busy and have to balance time between work and family, but it's super fun to learn new skills especially for what I always mean to learn.

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