AR demo on Google Glass

I've made Ben's AR prototype work on the Google Glass in today's Maker Night!

Due to there's no launcher in Goolg Glass, we need to launch application in CLI using adb.

1.install the APK which is built for standard Android device.

2.find out the package name using fowlling command:

{% highlight bash %}
    ./build-tools/17.0.0/aapt d xmltree Escher_08.apk AndroidManifest.xml
{% endhighlight bash %}
    Output like this:
{% highlight xml %}
    N: android=
        E: manifest (line=2)
            A: android:versionCode(0x0101021b)=(type 0x10)0x1
            A: android:versionName(0x0101021c)="1.0" (Raw: "1.0")
            A: android:installLocation(0x010102b7)=(type 0x10)0x2
            A: package="com.bentuhoekenobi.escher" (Raw: "com.bentuhoekenobi.escher")
    ... ...
        E: application (line=9)
    ... ...
            E: activity (line=10)
                A: android:label(0x01010001)=@0x7f030000
                A: android:name(0x01010003)="com.qualcomm.QCARUnityPlayer.QCARPlayerNativeActivity" (Raw: "com.qualcomm.QCARUnityPlayer.QCARPlayerNativeActivity")
    ... ...
{% endhighlight xml %}

3.start the activity from adb command-line:

{% highlight bash %} adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.bentuhoekenobi.escher/com.qualcomm.QCARUnityPlayer.QCARPlayerNativeActivity
{% endhighlight bash %}

Then we got it!



The experience was amazing!
In fact it is extremely slow at this moment, and the prototype was made for standard Android device, so there's no any optimization for Glass, and the rotation of the activity is not correct, But it still awesome!

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