I started playing 999 from last weekend, and finally finished it yesterday.
It is awesome!
The storyline and character design are fantastic. I'm amazed by the script which were really well developed.
The most unique part of this game is the way they telling the story. While I was playing, I have to play again and again to get all endings in order to get all details and story about what is actually going on.
There are 6 endings in the game, and every ending except the "true ending"(must finish a special ending first) only tells a part of this story. Thus, player have to play again and again through all 6 endings to get all information then finally the author put all information together to explain everything in the "true ending".
What I could learn from this game is how they orgnaised the story, like how they break it down then put into different pathways/endings, and how they fit all endings into their mian storyline.
I think this is a very good example for how to use interactive non-linear way to achieve a emotionally engaged storytelling.

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